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Prototyping: A Component for Successful Projects

Prototyping: A Component for Successful Projects

Chris Griffith

January 24, 2014

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  1. Prototyping:  A  Component   for  Successful  Projects   Chris  Griffith

      Qualcomm,  Inc.   User  Experience  Group  
  2. What  is  Prototyping    …incomplete  versions  of  the  soEware  program

     being   developed.  A  prototype  typically  implements  only  a  small   subset  of  the  features  of  the  eventual  program,  and  the   implementaHon  may  be  completely  different  from  that  of   the  eventual  product.     (hKp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoEware_prototyping)  
  3. Low  Fidelity   • Quick  to  develop   • Allows  for  exploraHons

     of  ideas   • Can  be  more  difficult  to  conduct  user  studies   • Zero  coding!  
  4. Medium  Fidelity   • More  “real”  user  experience   • Longer  design

     Hme   • Longer  development  Hme   • Some  level  of  programming   • “Golden  Path”  /  Slideshow  
  5. High  Fidelity   • Closer  to  reality   • Greater  design  requirements

      • More  development  Hme   • Can  serve  as  a  reference  pla_orm  for  other  groups   (Engineering,  QA,  MarkeHng)  
  6. iPhone  Tricks   <link  rel=“apple-­‐touch-­‐icon”  href=“myIcon.png”>   <link  rel=“apple-­‐touch-­‐icon-­‐precomposed”  

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