Cucumber: It's about Talking not Testing

Cucumber: It's about Talking not Testing

Many people use Cucumber purely as an end-to-end testing tool, and often wonder why they’re bothering to use it over something like Steak: they reason that if they’re the only ones reading the feature files, why bother having the plain text features? Others find that the cost of maintaining Cucumber features after a while outweighs the benefits of using them, and stop using it altogether.

Both these conclusions stem from seeing cucumber purely as a testing tool: whereas it’s actually an extraordinarily powerful communication tool designed to facilitate the discussion of behaviour between those to write code and those who don’t, and only incidentally a testing tool.

Learn about a proven and powerful way to use Cucumber which leads to maintainable code, features your customer actually reads, clearer communication and understanding on your project, and as a bonus ensures your code behaves correctly over time.



June 29, 2012