Serverless Azure: Event-based Microservices - beyond just Functions

Serverless Azure: Event-based Microservices - beyond just Functions

Whaaat? No servers? Well, yes. The Serverless approach for building microservices promises to offer a low entry barrier - for both getting starting and for fulfilling a target. In this session Christian will show you end-to-end Serverless with Azure & .NET Core by means of a realistic application scenario from customer projects. Based on proven design patterns you can build simple & complex applications scenarios with Azure Functions, Azure Event Grid, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage & friends. Locally and in the cloud. One of the central key concepts here is thinking in events in order to trigger actions like sending messages, retrieving data or pushing information to destinations. Come and join this session, maybe you will face some new ideas for your future business software.


Christian Weyer

May 26, 2018