Paradigm Rejection: A Visual Designer's Journey

Af7f298fde5f7411d5913278194e5b09?s=47 Chuck Borowicz
September 14, 2013

Paradigm Rejection: A Visual Designer's Journey

First given at Mobile UXCamp DC, this presentation is about the challenges I faced in light of responsive web design and my learned appreciation for why things change.

Covered herein…

Design Approach
- paradigm rejection: why things change
- atomic design vs. full page iterations
- mood boards/style tiles

Embracing New Workflow
- paradigm rejection revisited: becoming a remote designer
- embracing the values of awareness and respect
- visual designers & HTML prototypers

Not Covered In This Deck…

My Photoshop Variables Demo


Chuck Borowicz

September 14, 2013