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I love my job

I love my job

Presented at the L.A. Ruby Meetup, May 2014

Claudio B.

May 08, 2014

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  1. I make a lot of money You are all worth

    $100,000+ Even when you are not coding As long as you do your best
  2. Coding makes me happy Don’t let tests take over You

    know when you are good Periodically start something new
  3. My commute is lovely Start a vlog, learn Japanese Use

    public transportation Periodically work from home
  4. I learn from other coders Periodically program in pair Be

    a teacher, hire interns Talk, hack, open source
  5. I get publicly acknowledged Stand up for your best coworker

    Become valuable to the organization Surprise everyone with your skills
  6. I like social interactions Hire more women Trade wisdom for

    dexterity Work for a company who hires wizards
  7. I care about my company Happiness is contagious Find or

    make a company you can love Be the change you want to see