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The importance of Soft Skills

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September 07, 2020

The importance of Soft Skills



September 07, 2020


  1. The Importance of Soft Skills kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @clown0082 Why don't

    we have a technology LT of our favorite? Sep 07, 2020
  2. Do you know Soft Skills?

  3. “Soft Skills” are skills about human being.

  4. We are businessmen before we are engineers. Furthermore, we are

    human beings before we are businessmen. ※ However, students are excluded
  5. So, it's very important to learn the soft skills to

    live well.
  6. Therefore, let's talk about “Soft Skills”.

  7. About me

  8. const my_info = { Workplace: ‘Yumemi Inc’, Position1: ‘Servant Leader

    of FET’, Position2: ‘Director’, Creatives: ‘npm/~kkeeth’, PokemonGO: ‘TL40’ } About me
  9. Published a book about Riot.js

  10. Published a book about Riot.js Please buy it https://amzn.to/3by8hp8

  11. Sorry … This slide is made in English. But I

    am unfamiliar using English. So, I may have a wrong expression. Plz feedback for me called “Masakari” about my English!!
  12. What is “Soft Skills” ?

  13. Let me give you some examples

  14. Soft Skills Pomodoro Technique Facilitation Leadership Communication Increase Productivity Self

    Coaching Self Branding Negotiation
  15. Pomodoro Technique Increase Productivity Self Marketing Self Branding Soft Skills

    Facilitation Leadership Communication Negotiation Perhaps, the skills we imagine
  16. Facilitation Leadership Communication Negotiation Soft Skills Pomodoro Technique Increase Productivity

    Self Coaching Self Branding Skills I want you all to be aware of
  17. Don't these skills need me to be aware of them?

    At least the engineers want to focus on something else.
  18. If engineers are neglecting their soft skills...

  19. OMG !! It’s me

  20. OMG !! It’s me To prevent this from happening, brush

    up on our soft skills.
  21. Here's a book

  22. https://amzn.to/3lRln5T

  23. Soft Skills can brighten our future

  24. Publicity

  25. We’re hiring Lead members!!

  26. There are three funny system ‣ Unlimited paid holidays ‣

    We all are CEO ‣ Salary is self-determined
  27. None
  28. None