Event-driven programming for the masses (WebMeetupCgn)

Event-driven programming for the masses (WebMeetupCgn)

What makes nginx faster than Apache's original design? What makes Node.js applications faster than traditional web applications? How can we achieve the same benefits for our own applications? This talk discusses how event-driven programming can help in building high performance, non-blocking, reactive, concurrent, single-threaded applications (bingo). Don't worry, no need to install Node.js and npm install half the internet. Let's build high-performance applications from scratch with whatever language you're most comfortable with!


This talk was presented at WebMeetupCgn (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Web-Meetup-Cologne/events/255796092/) as one of two talks this day (~30 min each). This implies that this is only supposed to be a 101 introduction. The talk includes a number of live demos and examples which are not included as part of the slides, so you may be missing some context here. See you at the next event perhaps?


Christian Lück

November 14, 2018