Non-blocking IO for the masses (WebEngDUS)

Non-blocking IO for the masses (WebEngDUS)

I/O is everywhere. I/O is slow. There's no denying it. Using traditional blocking I/O calls can thus be seen as a huge contributor to slow applications. This talk discusses how non-blocking I/O can help in building high performance, event-driven, reactive, concurrent, single-threaded applications (bingo). Don't worry, no need to install Node.js and npm install half the internet. Let's build high-performance applications from scratch with whatever language you're most comfortable with!


This talk was presented at WebEngDUS ( as one of three talks this day (~20 min each). This implies that this is only supposed to be a 101 introduction.

You can find the examples (source code) here:


Christian Lück

July 12, 2018