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Riot - Introduction and Hands on

Riot - Introduction and Hands on

#TKJS XMAS @TokyoSquareGarden

Tsutomu Kawamura

December 14, 2015

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  1. • Custom tags = Component • Enjoyable syntax • Virtual

    DOM • Tiny size: library, learning cost, your code Why Riot?
  2. <my-tag> <p>{ message }</p> <style>p { color:white }</style> <script>…</script> </my-tag>

    riot.tag(‘my-tag’, ‘<p>{ message }</p>’, ‘p { color:white }’, function(opts) {…} ) Compile
  3. Build up <app> <part1> <part2> <btn> <fa> <date-picker> <dropdown> <photo>

    views parts reusables route data store observable