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Manufactur(ing) Landscapes. From mass production to decentralized fabrication. PKU May 2015

Manufactur(ing) Landscapes. From mass production to decentralized fabrication. PKU May 2015

A talk about the impact of digital fabrication in urban landscapes. Presented at Peking University on May 2015



May 11, 2015

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  1. MANUFACTURING LANDSCAPES Javier Burón. School of Architecture, University of Limerick

    Graduate School of Landscape Architecture Peking University. May 2015
  2. Manufactured Landscapes (2006) Edward Burtynsky MANUFACTURING LANDSCAPES From mass production

    to decentralized fabrication
  3. The Imitation Game (2014) Morten Tyldum CENTRALIZED COMPUTING Cryptography in

    World War Two
  4. WarGames (1983) John Badham NETWORK COMPUTING Personal computers and decentralized

  5. eXistenZ (1999) David Cronenberg ULTIMATE DESURBANIZATION Cyberspace, Virtual Reality and

    the dot-com bubble
  6. Telx New York Data Center NYC2 (2014) Telx PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE

    of cyberspace: servers, data lines and data centers
  7. Telx New York Data Center NYC2 (2014) Telx Modern Times

    (1936) Charles Chaplin MANUFACTURING MINIATURIZATION The Third Industrial Revolution
  8. Detroit tracing skylines (2013) Poor Boyz Productions MANUFACTURING RELOCALIZATION Labour

    costs are growing less and less important
  9. Apple MacBook Pro (2013) Apple Inc · Journey of a

    Piece of Steel (2014) Xiaomi · Apple Watch (2015) Apple Inc. DESIGN = MANUFACTURING
  10. Objectified (2009) Gary Hustwit DESIGN = MANUFACTURING

  11. Blade Runner (1982) Ridley Scott

  12. Genspace (2012) Coolhunting

  13. FAB LAB LIMERICK Open access manufacturing facilities in Limerick City

  14. Xarxa d'Ateneus de Fabricació de Barcelona (2015) Barcelona City Council

    FROM FAB LABS TO FAB CITIES Manufacturing spaces as the new social hubs