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Google Glass

Google Glass

Overview of Glass, Glassware, and the GDK


Corey Latislaw

November 21, 2013


  1. { Google  Glass Corey  Leigh  Latislaw  (@corey_latislaw) Ma9  Smollinger  (@ma9smollinger)

    Android  Alliance November  2013
  2. Ñ  Wearable  device Ñ  Heads  up  display Ñ  Bluetooth  &

     WiFi  connectivity Glass! h9p://images.seroundtable.com/five-­‐‑ google-­‐‑glass-­‐‑1368100141.jpg
  3. Teardown h9p://www.catwig.com/google-­‐‑glass-­‐‑teardown/

  4. Ñ  What  can  it  do? Functionality

  5. { Design

  6. Ñ  Design  for  Glass Ñ  Don'ʹt  get  in  the  way

    Ñ  Keep  it  timely Ñ  Avoid  the  unexpected Principles
  7. Cards h9ps://developers.google.com/glass/timeline

  8. { Glassware,  GDK  (Android),  Hybrid Development   Options

  9. { Card  delivery  system Mirror

  10. •  Platform  independent  REST  API,  OAuth  2.0 •  Developed  for

     existing  web  application  to  add   Glass  functionality •  Utilizes  GCM  for  sending  to  individual  Glass •  Must  host  a  publicly  accessible  URL  for  Mirror   to  call  to  for  notification  of  data. Mirror  API
  11. •  HTML5  and  CSS •  JSON  API •  Requires  Pagination

     for  long  content •  Can  program  cords  to  capture  last  know   location •  Render  Maps,  Video Mirror  API
  12. Hybrid  Glassware

  13. •  Mirror  API  can  launch  GDK  Glassware  via   intents

    •  Possible  tight  integration  for  web  properties  to   message  a  user,  inserting  a  card  into  the   Timeline  using  Mirror  to  then  launch  GDK •  Why?  Doesn’t  appear  possible  to  utilize  GCM   on  Glass  via  just  GDK Hybrid  Glassware
  14. •  Sneak  Peak •  Download  from  Android  SDK  manager • 

    Based  on  4.0.3  (API  level  15) Ñ  Allows  access  to  underlying  hardware,   including  voice  and  main  menu  integration Ñ  Has  it’s  own  “Glass”  theme,  full  screen,  Roboto   font. GDK
  15. { Android  on  Glass GDK:  Glass   Development  Kit

  16. •  Offline  processing •  Real  time •  Using  hardware  natively

  17. •  Periodic  notifications •  Sharing •  On-­‐‑going  tasks •  Immersive

  18. Ñ  Enable  debugging Ñ  Install  Android  SDK  &  tools Ñ 

    adb shell pm install -r "/data/ local/tmp/ com.colabug.tennant.viewer” Ñ  adb start am start -n "com.colabug.tennant.viewer/ com.colabug.tennant.viewer.TennantV iewerActivity" Building  &  Running
  19. { “ok  glass  show  the  doctor” GDK  App  Demo h9ps://github.com/colabug/TennantCardViewer

  20. •  h9ps://developers.google.com/glass/ •  h9ps://plus.google.com/+TimothyJordan •  h9ps://github.com/googleglass/ •  GDK  makes  use

     of  all  4.0.x  relevant  docs •  Example  projects  available  on  github Resources