.NET IL: Into the Marianas Trench (with presenter notes)

.NET IL: Into the Marianas Trench (with presenter notes)

(This version contains presenter notes for my CodeMash 2018 presentation)

Are you interested in writing compilers, targeting Web Assembly, finding security issues automatically, binary analysis, or understanding performance at a low level? While it’s always good to know how your language works, the benefits of understanding the intermediate language extend to metaprogramming and analysis across multiple source languages. Learning how to work with intermediate languages allows you to write programs which would seem unattainable otherwise. You will learn not only how IL works but how it compares with LLVM IR, Java Bytecode, and other intermediate representations. No mere “deep dive,” you’ll leave this talk really understanding how C# turns into microcode and how to use that information to do “impossible” things.


Craig Stuntz

January 12, 2018