Programs that Write Programs: How Compilers Work

Programs that Write Programs: How Compilers Work

As presented at Momentum Dev Con, 19 April 2018
Compilers are the bridge between the code you write and the applications you run. While production compilers can be quite complicated, the principles of compiler design are not too hard to learn, and are broadly applicable to many seemingly difficult programming problems. In this session you will learn how every phase of a real compiler works, including lexing, parsing, type checking, optimization, and code generation. The lessons learned here will help you with many common programming problems, such as deserialization, maintaining large amounts of legacy code, static analysis, testing, and validation. In contrast to common Java-based compiler tutorials, I'll demonstrate how to build a compiler using functional programming techniques in F#. Full source code for a working compiler targeting the .NET CLR will be included!


Craig Stuntz

April 20, 2018