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Bias, Uncovered

Crystal C. Yan
November 04, 2017

Bias, Uncovered

Are you ready to confront bias? In this interactive session, you’ll be challenged to uncover your own cognitive biases and explore how understanding them can help you become a better leader. You’ll get a crash course in three particular cognitive biases (anchoring bias, confirmation bias, and social proof), and learn more about their applications in the real world. Most importantly, you'll walk away with actionable ideas for how to leverage this understanding to design more inclusive user research and hiring practices, so that you can design more inclusive and equitable products/services and teams.

Crystal C. Yan

November 04, 2017

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  1. Bias, Uncovered Understand Bias to Build More Inclusive Products/Services and

    Teams Crystal C. Yan (@crystalcy) @crystalcy | #biasuncovered crystalcyan.github.io
  2. I’m Crystal Yan I’m a product manager and designer with

    a background in economics, specifically, behavioral science. You can find me at @crystalcy Hello! ✋ @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  3. • Three biases ◦ Anchoring Bias ◦ Confirmation Bias ◦

    Social Proof • Q & A Today’s agenda @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  4. Anchoring Bias Why it matters Impact on product pricing, sales/discount

    strategy Impact on salary negotiation Key takeaways 1. Experiment with different pricing tiers offered 2. Align salaries to market rates and levels @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  5. Confirmation Bias: Social News Think about the last article you

    read because someone you’re connected with posted it on social media @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  6. Confirmation Bias: At Work • In decision-making: diverse voices interpret

    new information differently • In employment: interviewing @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  7. Confirmation Bias Why it matters Impact on exposure to interpretations

    of new ideas and team decision-making Impact on hiring diverse teams Key takeaways 1. Make sure breakthrough ideas don’t get killed too early - encourage brainstorming individually as well as together 2. Improve interview processes with blind resume reviews, and hold revealing previous scores and notes @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  8. Social Proof Why it matters Impact on conducting user research

    Impact on interviewing Impact on pricing plans Key takeaways 1. Don’t give away hints on what other users have said so far 2. Avoid making assumptions about candidates - ask! 3. Highlight one option to make decision-making easier @crystalcy #biasuncovered
  9. • Three biases ◦ Anchoring Bias ◦ Confirmation Bias ◦

    Social Proof • Impact on and key takeaways for ◦ Pricing ◦ Hiring and interviewing ◦ User research Conclusion @crystalcy #biasuncovered