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Build a Better Hiring Process with Design Thinking

Build a Better Hiring Process with Design Thinking

How do companies hire? And how does a manager build out a hiring process from the ground up? In this talk, you'll learn how one product & UX hiring manager used human-centered design methods to:
- uncover pain points and opportunities in the candidate journey
- prototype potential improvements
- create a more intentional and inclusive interview process by shipping quick wins and iterating on them

Whether you're looking to lead and build out your own hiring process, or you're job searching and want to hear a hiring manager's perspective, this session will help you learn how to conduct user interviews with new hires, leverage insights to map out the candidate experience, coach others on paper prototyping potential improvements and solutions, and partner with HR to scale the resources you build to help other departments with their hiring.

Crystal C. Yan

June 28, 2018

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  1. Hello! My name is Crystal Yan I hire designers and

    product managers. You can find me at @crystalcy 2 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  2. Agenda today Introduction • Why This Matters • Getting Buy

    In Methods • User interviews • Journey mapping • Paper prototyping Case Studies on Quick Wins • Small tech startup • Larger organizations 3 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  3. Have you ever felt like while interviewing? Or like while

    interviewing someone? 5 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  4. Hiring is... A. Frustrating B. Stressful C. Not fun D.

    All of the above 6 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  5. Hiring is also expensive. To get buy in to optimize

    it, talk about time and (opportunity) costs saved. 7 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  6. Together, let’s strive to build a more intentional, inclusive hiring

    process, using human-centered design methods. 8 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  7. A more intentional, inclusive hiring process leads to... • Less

    bias, more diversity • Less frustration, more delight & higher yield 9 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  8. Our goals: 1. Cut the bias (improve diversity) 2. Improve

    the candidate experience (increase delight) 3. Get to yes (improve yield rate) 10 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  9. How might we... improve the interview experience? 13 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy

    | crystalcyan.github.io In onboarding, lead interactive activities to introduce UX and conduct research. Bring Talent on board to prototype solutions together, and ship improvements quickly. #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  10. Our methods 14 first Conduct Research Have new hires interview

    each other. Map the Candidate Experience Use research insights to journey map. second Prototype Solutions Keep it simple. Paper or PPT is fine. third Ship & Iterate Partner with Talent to ship. Rinse & repeat. last #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  11. Tips • Pair up people in different roles • Ask

    open-ended questions • Time-box the activity (e.g. 5-7 minutes) Conduct research 15 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io 1 User Interviews uncover candidate pain points
  12. Map the Experience 16 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io 2 Application

    Phone Screen On-Site Interview People Touchpoints Emotions Journey maps clarify the pain points in the candidate experience
  13. Tips • Have pens and blank printer paper ready •

    Encourage sketches of emails and phone scripts • Pair people up and get feedback from each other • Time-box the activity (e.g. 7-10 minutes) Prototype & Test 17 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io 3 Paper prototypes help ideas come to life quickly
  14. Tips • Invite Talent to be in the room during

    these sessions • Lead the way by offering to implement changes for roles you’re hiring for first Ship & Iterate 18 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io 4 Focusing on quick wins helps you iterate quickly.
  15. Case Studies on Quick Wins small tech startup, large organizations

    3 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  16. “ Several different people were constantly emailing me to schedule

    next steps...it was hard to keep their names and positions straight. And if I had a question, who do I go to? 20 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  17. Clarify roles 21 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io Guides help the

    candidate navigate the interviewing process. Hiring managers lead the decision-making process. Dept Director leads service design Talent helps candidate navigate candidate journey image: Megan Erin Miller #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  18. “ It was frustrating that every interviewer kept asking me

    some of the same questions over and over again. 22 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  19. Create resources 23 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io Custom journey maps,

    interview guides, and note-taking templates help interviewers assess more effectively (& cut the bias). #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy
  20. “ On my first day, I got my paperwork done

    and laptop quickly...and then promptly had hours to read through documents alone while my team was in meetings. 24 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  21. Plan the details of day 1 25 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy |

    crystalcyan.github.io Guide the candidate experience on the first day / first few weeks (not everyone has to build a chatbot, a schedule works fine). image: 18F
  22. Let’s review what we learned Hiring is expensive To get

    buy in to optimize it, talk about the time & costs saved 26 User Interviews Uncover candidate pain points Journey Maps Clarify the pain points in the candidate experience Paper Prototypes Help ideas come to life quickly An intentional, inclusive hiring process leads to... Less bias, more diversity Less frustration, more delight & higher yield Quick Wins Clarify roles Create resources Plan the details of day 1 #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io
  23. 27 Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at @crystalcy

    & crystalcyan.github.io. Contact me if you’d like help training your hiring managers on this or running this as a workshop at your company. #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy #buildbetterhiring @crystalcy | crystalcyan.github.io