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Level Up Your Leadership with HCD

Level Up Your Leadership with HCD

Beyond changing interfaces, human-centered design can influence big decisions. In this talk, I'll share how you can increase your influence and hone your strategic leadership skills by focusing on the four ways human-centered design can impact your organization—product/service design and delivery, hiring talented designers and technologists, training and strengthening interdisciplinary teams, and human-centered policymaking and business modeling. Additionally, you will learn the top three skills you will most need to develop in order to truly make an impact in your organization.

Learn how to increase your influence in your organization across four areas:
-product/service design and delivery
-recruiting and hiring
-training and strengthening interdisciplinary teams
-human-centered policymaking and business modeling

Crystal C. Yan

August 08, 2019

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  1. Agenda 1. Leveling up into leadership 2. Scaling impact &

    influence 3. Mastering three key skills
  2. 1. Designing better products → designing better services 2. Human-centered

    hiring 3. Developing interdisciplinary teams 4. Designing human-centered policy & business models SCALING IMPACT & INFLUENCE
  3. • Designing with immigrants and asylum seekers to make it

    easier to navigate the immigration and asylum application process • Designing with researchers to make it easier to access healthcare data DESIGNING BETTER PRODUCTS → DESIGNING BETTER SERVICES
  4. “What can I do in this stage of the process?

    What status can I expect next and when?” “What is a receipt number? It is different from the ‘A #’? And what is the ‘RCPT #’?”

    Conduct Research Have new hires interview each other. Map Candidate Experience Use research insights to journey map. 2 Prototype Solutions Keep it simple. Paper or PPT is fine. 3 Launch & Iterate Partner with Talent to launch. Rinse & repeat. 4
  6. • Design intentional, inclusive hiring processes ◦ Custom journey maps,

    interview guides, and note-taking templates help interviewers assess more effectively (& cut the bias) • Cut the bias, design a great candidate experience, and get to yes HUMAN-CENTERED HIRING
  7. • Lead interactive workshops to demonstrate the value of different

    methods and perspectives • Instead of one longer workshop, consider bite-sized lessons over time (e.g. a 15 minute exercise once a week for four weeks, rather than one 1 hour workshop) DEVELOPING INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAMS
  8. • Read a customer quote: “I take my grandparent to

    this clinic that’s in my neighborhood. They accept us even though we don’t have insurance coverage for certain services. Every time, we fill out this form...” ◦ Listen: What follow-up questions would you ask? What could make it a better question? ◦ Learn: What insights do you hear? Why? How would you test that hypothesis? SAMPLE CUSTOMER RESEARCH EXERCISE (15 MIN)
  9. • Illustrating different policy opinions with wireframes • Changing how

    clinicians get paid to better align business and patient incentives: qpp.cms.gov • Building a financial services business that makes more money by empowering its customers to make more money DESIGNING HUMAN-CENTERED POLICY & BUSINESS MODELS
  10. Thank you. Join me in building financial services for immigrants.

    We’re hiring at Remitly: https://grnh.se/f3190b1c1 Questions? @crystalcy