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Building company culture - leading the change

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November 07, 2015

Building company culture - leading the change

Raditi u okruženju koje je awesome i čija kultura je cool je želja svakog od nas, hteli mi to da priznamo ili ne. Uticaj na tu kulturu imaju faktori koji nam se vrlo često čine nevažnim. Koji su to faktori? Ko je to - Kompanija? Šta je potrebno da bi se kultura gradila i menjala? Ova sesija ima za cilj da ponudi odgovore na ta i slična pitanja, obojene ličnim iskustvom stečenim u više domaćih i stranih kompanija.



November 07, 2015


  1. Building company culture Leading the change

  2. Intro Who am I and how I got here?

  3. Intro This topic because reasons.

  4. Awesomeness

  5. Implementing culture

  6. Serbian

  7. Serbian point of view - often culture consumers without realizing

    we are actually producers - often discussing the culture, “company politics”, “company stand” while we are the ones to give the answer - expecting decisions to be made for us and then questioning those decisions
  8. Serbian point of view Everything previously said is normal and

    should be expected.
  9. What is company culture?

  10. What is company culture? “The way how everyone in the

    company is treating themselves, all of the colleagues, their common everyday work, customers and clients along with the level of self awareness, awareness of the issues and problems and willingness to participate in solutions, decisions and changes made in order to achieve a common goal.”
  11. Building company culture Leaders / Founders / Managers

  12. What to look at? Goals. Constant quality. Responsibility. Sharing. Employee

    self confidence. Trust (In all directions). Transparency.
  13. What else to look at? Change and response to the

    change. Time, quality and response itself.
  14. What else to look at? Inspect and adapt.

  15. What else to look at? Hard things.

  16. What else to look at? Silence.

  17. None
  18. What else to look for? Diversity.

  19. What else to look for? Positive things.

  20. What else to look for?

  21. What else to look for? Empower the team. Have patience.

  22. Building company culture Leaders / Employees / Team members

  23. CONSUME EVERYTHING Goals. Positive energy. Ask and discuss. Always cost

    more. Use your chances.
  24. Be self aware Help, share and give back. Always Always

    Always Look at wider picture.
  25. Q & A