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Leadership through Change

June 14, 2017

Leadership through Change

Speaker: Juan Carlos Carrera

In this talk, Juan Carlos will expose his experiences with regards to Leadership and how it's applied in the different areas, from personal career development, to business and navigating through ambiguity & adversity in times of massive change. Juan Carlos will share his personal journey, from graduating as an Industrial and Systems Engineer to ending up as Sales Director for a F100 IT company.


June 14, 2017

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  2. Topics to be touched Making & Managing critical changes Organization

    alignment Commitment all levels & it's importance Communication (over & lack of…) Leading & setting new expectations
  3. The Story Chapter 1 -The Big change: • Setting the

    Context, Big Decisions, 1st Growth Chapter 2 -The Bigger change: • Reorganization, new management, restart (again) Chapter 3 -The 3rd BIG change: • Leadership Moment, The “End of the World”, Restructure, 2nd Growth
  4. www.careeraccintl.com www.careeraccintl.com About me “JC” From…. engineering, operations & biz

    management to …. Sales & Marketing! +15 years Leader, Talent Dev. & Building Orgs. 5 countries (UK, USA, FR, MX, PL). Last 3 years building World-Class Sales Org. Passion, Tenacity & Determination “If you want it, and you work for it – you can have it.” LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juancarloscarrera/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/jccarrera15 Twitter: https://twitter.com/jc_carrera URL: www.careeraccintl.com/blog
  5. What would it mean to do things differently where change

    didn’t exist? where paradigms need to break? where internal legacy is high?
  6. “Being Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable”.

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  8. The Market & the World change fast… 70%of the buyers

    journey is complete before a F2F occurs (Acquity Group / Accenture) 92%of B2B buying decisions are influenced by digital engagement (IDC / IBM) 53%of B2B buyers prefer to gather information on their own (IDC / IBM) 99%of Amazon’s clients are acquired digitally (Acquity Group / Accenture) 90%of WW mobile data traffic by 2019 will be driven by Cloud applications (Forbes) 13years or younger are Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, Uber, Blablacar, Spotiffy… 6.4Billion Connected "Things" Will Be in Use in 2016, Up 30 Percent From 2015 (Gartner)
  9. 1. Change is needed. 2. Management Support HIGH. 3. Move

    fast, be ready to adapt. 4. Communicate, communicate and … communicate!
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  11. AMBUIGUITY What does it mean to me?

  12. Perception is Reality Build Awareness, Grow Credibility, Install Trust Manage

    Stakeholders Tackle Critical Points 80/20
  13. And… guess what?

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  16. 1. New Organization. 2. New Management. 3. New People, limited

    seats. 4. New Ideas, Views.
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  18. ANXIETY What does it mean to me?

  19. Be FAST – Bridge is Fragile Rebuild Perceptions & Mission

    Who’s Part of the Solution? Make changes DECISIVELY Communicate – Open. Direct. Honest. Deal with obstacles (Internal & External)
  20. And… guess what?

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  24. 1. Biggest transformation history. 2. Timeline –The END & The

    BEGINNING 3. Insure. Transition. Grow. (at same time) 5. Build Internal / External Trust 4. Action whilst setting strategy.
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  26. STRESS?

  27. ANXIETY AMBIGUITY STRESS What does it mean to me?

  28. Take the LEAD. Deal with Legacy. Disbelief. Obstacles. Moving Platform.

    Adapt, be fast. Communication. Frequent, updated, all levels. You Can’t do it Alone.
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  31. TRUST Your Team = Your Victory

  32. All bout your Leadership Always look forward Adapt, be ready,

    do it again Communicate. Build Trust. Strong Team Be Part of the Solution Last Takeaways
  33. And… guess what?

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  35. Thank you! Q&A