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Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Gentle introduction to Google Cloud Platform, and feedback from Google Cloud Next '17. Presented at Launchpad Start Johannesburg.

Dale Humby

March 31, 2017

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  1. GDE

  2. GDE Compute Compute engine Virtual Machines, Disks, Network App engine

    Managed App Platform Container engine Managed Kubernetes/Containers Cloud functions Serverless microservices
  3. GDE Storage and Databases Cloud storage Object storage with global

    edge cache Cloud Bigtable Fully managed, scalable NoSQL database Cloud SQL Managed MySQL and PostgreSQL Cloud Datastore Horizontally Scalable Document DB Cloud Spanner Horizontally Scalable Relational DB
  4. GDE Networking Cloud virtual networks Managed networking for cloud platform

    Cloud load balancing High performance, scalable load balancing for cloud Cloud CDN Low latency, low cost content delivery network Cloud Interconnect Peer with GCP Cloud DNS Programmable DNS Serving
  5. GDE Big Data Big Query Fully managed, large-scale data warehouse

    Cloud Dataflow Real-time batch and stream processing Cloud Datalab Explore, analyse and visualise large datasets (Jupyter notebook) Cloud Dataprep Explore, clean and prepare data for analysis Cloud Pub/Sub Distributed Real-time messaging
  6. GDE Infrastructure update • $30 billion invested in building infrastructure

    • 6 regions + 11 more planned for 2017 • 64-core machines + up to 416GB memory per instance • Internal Load Balancing is GA
  7. Security update • Identity Aware Proxy (IAP) • Key Management

    Service • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) • Security Key Enforcement • Hardware Chip - Titan
  8. Data loss prevention API cloud.google.com/dlp • Automatic Sensitive Data Classification

    • More than 40 Predefined Detectors • Optional Redaction • Easy to use API to point to your documents and get results
  9. Cloud functions - Serverless Only pay for what you use

    Fully integrated in GCP PubSub, Datastore, Firebase
  10. Price • Free trial extended to 12 month • Always

    a free tier • Sustained use discounts (30% savings) • Committed use discounts (55% savings) • Custom VM's ◦ Google will tell you if you are wasting money • Preemptible VM's (Up to 80% cheaper)
  11. Open API's matter • Goal To be best cloud to

    run your workload in • Open API's, Open Source, Open Cloud • Use and contribute back • Easy to join and leave
  12. GDE Image API • Label / Face Detection • Image

    Attributes • Landmark Detection • Logo Detection • OCR Detection • Safe Search Detection cloud.google.com/vision
  13. GDE Video Intelligence API • Scene-level Video Annotation • Insights

    from videos • Make your videos searchable • Detect scene changes cloud.google.com/video-intelligence
  14. GDE Natural Language API cloud.google.com/natural-language • Syntax Analysis • Entity

    Recognition • Sentiment Analysis • Combine with Cloud Speech and Vision API
  15. GDE Getting started Free trial $300 and 12 month cloud.google.com/free-trial

    Free tier Always a free tier Extends beyond 12 months cloud.google.com/free/