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JAM for Health: How healthcare tech is benefitting from JAMStack methodologies

JAM for Health: How healthcare tech is benefitting from JAMStack methodologies

How healthcare tech is benefitting from JAMStack methodologies

A presentation given at JAMStack London in July 2019


Dr Daniel Fascia

July 09, 2019


  1. JAM for Health How healthcare tech is benefitting from JAMStack

    methodologies Dr Daniel Fascia Consultant Radiologist Healthcare Technologist & Front End Developer Dabbler @danfascia JAMStack_conf London - July 2019
  2. 1998 Made first website at high school - think Geocities,

    HTML, <tables!> 2001 Dreamweaver (DWT templates) > Movable Type () > Blosxom () 2003 - 2014 The lost years - Wordpress 2015 Full Circle - “Back to the (JAM)Stack” My Journey to the JAMstack @danfascia
  3. Post Wordpress Stress Disorder [ICD-10-999x - Psychiatric] PWPSD DIAGNOSIS Common

    in web development communities “The burden of having to manage a portfolio of Wordpress websites long after you have seen the light and stopped using Wordpress” Common Signs: • Hacked for no apparent reason • Mystery PHP & Plugin upgrades which brick everything • White screen of wonder or in some instances death @danfascia
  4. It felt like the good old days of the Internet

    all over again. Back to the simple life A gathering of those who remember a simpler and better web https://thenewdynamic.org
  5. First Steps PROBLEM Complex MRI Scan Protocols - paper heavy,

    paper chaos Jekyll Github Pages @danfascia
  6. https://harrogatemsk.github.io/ MRI Protocols are very technical, almost code like Used

    to be on paper and forever torn up or outdated Version control was a nightmare Patients being scanned with old versions of protocol • Repeat examinations • Needless Cost • Angry Doctors • Incidental Findings
  7. Technology • Jekyll • Github Pages • Forestry CMS Transformation

    Benefits • < 1 day of work • Zero Cost • Paperless protocols • Wide area/device access • Version controlled • Clone-able for other services Problems • Low tech users… • Publishing too hard https://harrogatemsk.github.io/
  8. Scaling the Success Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative 29 Hospitals 3.0-Million Patients

  9. Tech Not so hard to integrate data Transformation 2000 users

    trained to use tech with same methods / standards API <images> <metadata> @danfascia
  10. It’s an Intranet? PROBLEM Intranet style portal site to house

    documents, create groups, arrange events.
  11. Scalable Intranet PROBLEM Intranet style portal site to house documents,

    create groups, arrange events. Statamic Eleventy JAMstack approved thinking
  12. Features Version Controlled *.* (including forwards) Collaborative Editing Groups Events

    Print on Demand (Paperless Service)
  13. @danfascia

  14. None
  15. None
  16. That setup? Why choose this odd pairing? Statamic Eleventy @danfascia

  17. Best in breed UI/UX of any CMS… IMHO

  18. Clear bespoke structured input suits low end users creating and

    editing content End users Admins Fine grained control over UI component behaviours, appearance, data model
  19. Statamic CRUD webhooks invoke 11ty process 11ty installed in the

    statamic “site” folder 11ty builds the collections folder 11ty creates cases collection from *.md Templating (Nunjucks) Build Deploy (Netlify) Headless Statamic + Eleventy
  20. https://nhsuk.github.io/nhsuk-frontend/ NHS UK Front End Toolkit Full UI Kit for

    “that NHS look” Sass based BEM-CSS Nunjucks components Powers nhs.uk 43 million visits / month 11ty Nunjucks code to render items in a filtered collection using NHS.uk components Nunjucks templating Service Manual - Frontend Toolkit
  21. NHS Hugo + Tailwind Starter Kit http:/ /nhs.surge.sh/ 100kb >

    9kb 4.3TB/mo CSS transfer - 3.8GB/mo = 1,131 x less bandwidth
  22. Experimental Use Cases JAMstack on the edge for health Patient

    Records @danfascia
  23. PROBLEMS Complexity Monolithic Single Organisation Data Vendor Lock In Usability

    Inflexibility Closed / No API @danfascia
  24. Patient Records APIs for the longitudinal data Lab results Vital

    data (pulse, BP, RR) Time series summary data Each patient’s recordset, a little static site Patients had recordsets with avg 432 records (range: 4 - 16,898) Multichannel Output HTML - Interoperable JSON - Integratable A little patient API @danfascia
  25. JAMstack Health Record System @danfascia

  26. @danfascia JAM for Health Thanks