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Code-review: a team tool

Code-review: a team tool

When working in a team environment, code-reviews are an essential step in the process of producing code. Reviewing code decreases “silos” by increasing mutual understanding, exposes bugs/pitfalls and allows you to maintain consistency and quality. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with the Zando team, how we work and the tools we use.

Danny Kopping

July 29, 2015

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  1. Cape Town PHP July 2015 • defects in production •

    adherence to style-guides • technical debt • silos • inconsistency • inefficiency • incomprehensibility • duplication • lack of tests • inability to test • rigidity • tight coupling • best-practice violations • anti-patterns • …etc
  2. Cape Town PHP July 2015 Who cares? When we break

    something, we’ll fix it #YOLO
  3. Cape Town PHP July 2015 Everything as a PR every

    line of code is just as important
  4. Cape Town PHP July 2015 Don’t just tell Provide links

    to bolster argument, increase learning
  5. Cape Town PHP July 2015 Soft stuff • Diplomacy •

    Professional, but light • Questions, not statements • Humility • Politeness • Consistency • Sweat the small stuff! • Have fun
  6. Cape Town PHP July 2015 Why we use Upsource •

    integration with Git/GitHub • self-hosted, easy setup • fast! • incremental reviews • multiple reviewers / watchers • direct integration into PHPStorm • discussion threads (with resolve, @mentions)