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Function Orchestration in the World of Serverless

Daron Yondem
September 20, 2018

Function Orchestration in the World of Serverless

This is a presentation I did in a meetup in Istanbul. It is about Azure Durable Functions and Azure Logic Apps being used to orchestrate functions.

Daron Yondem

September 20, 2018

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  1. Two ways • Azure Logic Apps: For those who like

    user interfaces and workflow definition files. • Azure Durable Functions: For those who like codifying workflows, and more.
  2. Durable Functions! • Stateful functions • Managed state, checkpoints, and

    restarts when needed. • Define stateful workflows in orchestrator functions. .
  3. Workflows you said? • Define workflows in code. No JSON

    schemas or designers are needed. • They can call other functions synchronously and asynchronously. Output from called functions can be saved to local variables. • They automatically checkpoint their progress whenever the function awaits. Local state is never lost if the process recycles.
  4. Problem 1 : Function Chaining • No visualization to show

    relationship between functions and queues. • Middle queues are an implementation detail – conceptual overhead. • Error handling adds a lot more complexity.
  5. Problem 2 : Fan-out/Fan-in • Fanning-out is easy, but fanning-in

    is more complicated. • Functions offers no help with this scenario today • All the same problems of the previous pattern
  6. Problem 3 : Eternal Processes • Long running processes •

    Built-in state management • orchestrationClient or built-in webhooks can be used.
  7. Why Logic Apps? • Saving time by designing complex processes

    using easy to understand design tools • Implementing patterns and workflows seamlessly, that would otherwise be difficult to implement in code • Rich Managed Connectors
  8. Links worth sharing Workflow Definition Language schema for Azure Logic

    Apps https://goo.gl/r3fx4T Durable Task Framework • https://goo.gl/q4yjUc Durable Functions Nuget Package • https://goo.gl/p1ma8T