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Innovate Now with Applied AI Services

Innovate Now with Applied AI Services

This is the presentation I used at AI Fest Ankara, Turkey.

Daron Yondem

December 17, 2021

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  1. Daron Yöndem Azure Application Development Lead for MEA Microsoft http://daron.me

  2. 1 McKinsey: Global AI Survey 2 Accenture: The ROI of

    AI 3 Gartner: Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics
  3. Scale Skills Transparency 1 Gartner: Barriers to AI Adoption 2

    Accenture: The ROI of AI 3 Gartner: CIO Agenda Survey
  4. Machine Learning Knowledge Mining AI-powered Apps

  5. Easy Medium Hard Use an existing model Customize a pre-trained

    model Train a new model from scratch A pre existing Service like a box around someone's face It can recognize face But we need specific faces Lot’s of time and effort needed
  6. Azure Applied AI Services Azure Cognitive Services Azure Machine Learning

  7. QnA Maker: the pinnacle of self-serve AI SaaS Demo

  8. Custom Vision Demo

  9. Knowledge Mining Demo

  10. • Self Paced • All lab codes are open sourced

    • Takes you through various Applied AI Services
  11. • https://www.qnamaker.ai/ • https://www.customvision.ai/ • Knowledge Mining Samples: https://drn.fyi/3GS0xwN

  12. http://daron.me | @daronyondem Grab slides on http://decks.daron.me/