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Responsible ML

Responsible ML

This is a 30 minutes presentation I did for Global AI Nights Istanbul where I introduced the concept of Responsible ML and talked about projects such as Fairlearn, InterpretML, and SmartNoise.

Daron Yondem

April 24, 2021

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  1. Responsible ML Daron Yöndem http://daron.me @daronyondem

  2. The What and the Why? • Fairness: ML models may

    behave unfairly by negatively impacting groups of people, such as those defined in terms of race, gender, or age. • Interpretability: Ability to explain what parameters are used and how the models “think” to explain the outcome for regulatory oversight. • Differential Privacy: Monitoring applications’ use of personal data without accessing or knowing the identities of individuals
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  7. Fairlearn • Fairness Assessment • Fairness Mitigation (in Classification and

    Regression Models) • During or after model building. • Open Source https://github.com/fairlearn • Integrated into Azure Machine Learning
  8. Fairlearn Demo

  9. InterpretML • Glassbox Models (Decision trees, rule lists, linear models,

    Explainable Boosting Machine) • Blackbox Models (Existing model) • Explanations are approximations • Open Source https://github.com/interpretml
  10. InterpretML Demo

  11. Differential Privacy The guarantee of a differentially private algorithm is

    that its behavior hardly changes when a single individual joins or leaves the dataset. • Smart Noise https://smartnoise.org/ This toolkit uses state-of-the-art differential privacy (DP) techniques to inject noise into data, to prevent disclosure of sensitive information and manage exposure risk.
  12. Links worth sharing Microsoft Learn : Explore differential privacy •

    https://drn.fyi/2QRL3V1 Capgemini “AI and the ethical conundrum” Report • https://drn.fyi/3gBsz5G IDC report: Empowering your organization with Responsible AI • https://drn.fyi/3sKilCx
  13. Thanks http://daron.me | @daronyondem Download slides here; http://daron.me/decks