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The Startup Toolbox

The Startup Toolbox

A bunch of tools, apps and frameworks chosen to facilitate your day-by-day and reduce the time you will need to make the World a better place ;)

David Bonilla

January 27, 2015

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  1. You don’t need to copy by hand any link or

    name. Slides are available at: http://bit.ly/pasion-ie Disclaimer
  2. I’ll get *HA* I0 I do *HIS I’ll get *HA*

    I0 I do *HIS OTOGAMI FRAMEWORK (WIP) HYPOTHESIS BACKLOG I’ll get *HA* I0 I do *HIS COST VALUE PRIORIZATION STORIES KPIs DEFINITION KANBAN ALLA OTOGAMI   20% *ime dedicated to %omm Ops   I0 we need more t2an 20%, pro,a,ly we s2ould c2ange t2e prioritazed 2ypot2esis MENDOZA LINE BURGER METHOD Project/Company Tracking
  3. Project/Company Tracking The Goals • Control your Team • Track

    your progress • Improve Communication • Boost Productivity EPIC FAIL
  4. Power Pi! Adapt your tool to your team's singularity not

    your team to the features of any tool “ Project/Company Tracking
  5. • Control your IP • Sell better (not more) •

    Improve Relationships • Be Consistent EPIC FAIL The Goals Know-How Management
  6. Power Pi! Internet is not a business but a channel

    to reach your customers. “ Know-How Management
  7. • Know the Truth • Get some kind of Guidance

    • Test Hypothesis (barely) • Don’t sacrify productivity EPIC FAIL The Goals Data Analysis
  8. Power Pi! If you can´t design a framework to measure

    if your business model is working, probably you should change your business model. “ Data Analysis