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The Startup Toolbox

The Startup Toolbox

A bunch of tools, apps and frameworks chosen to facilitate your day-by-day and reduce the time you will need to make the World a better place ;)


David Bonilla

January 27, 2015


  1. @david_boni!a Frameworks, apps and utilities for your daily work The

    Startup Toolbox ) (
  2. You don’t need to copy by hand any link or

    name. Slides are available at: Disclaimer
  3. Speaker David Boni!a

  4. Contents Know-How Management Data Analysis Project/Company Tracking

  5. Project/Company Tracking

  6. Project/Company Tracking The Cha!enge What should We track?

  7. Project/Company Tracking DOGMATIC AGILE

  8. Project/Company Tracking X X X X X DOGMATIC AGILE

  9. I’ll get *HA* I0 I do *HIS I’ll get *HA*

    I0 I do *HIS OTOGAMI FRAMEWORK (WIP) HYPOTHESIS BACKLOG I’ll get *HA* I0 I do *HIS COST VALUE PRIORIZATION STORIES KPIs DEFINITION KANBAN ALLA OTOGAMI   20% *ime dedicated to %omm Ops   I0 we need more t2an 20%, pro,a,ly we s2ould c2ange t2e prioritazed 2ypot2esis MENDOZA LINE BURGER METHOD Project/Company Tracking
  10. Project/Company Tracking jira Swiss Knife / Complex

  11. Project/Company Tracking basecamp To-do lists oriented

  12. Project/Company Tracking tre!o Simple / Basic

  13. Project/Company Tracking paper/post-it Less Friction / Adaptable

  14. Project/Company Tracking other contenders Open Source, BTF, Local…,,,
  15. Project/Company Tracking The Goals • Control your Team • Track

    your progress • Improve Communication • Boost Productivity EPIC FAIL
  16. Power Pi! Adapt your tool to your team's singularity not

    your team to the features of any tool “ Project/Company Tracking
  17. Know-How Management

  18. Know-How Management The Cha!enge customers code/core users Retain different know-how

  19. Know-How Management Sales Lifecycle

  20. Pipedrive Simple / Hosted / Mobile Know-How Management

  21. User Oriented Know-How Management

  22. Confluence Collaboration Tool (well… just a Wiki) Know-How Management

  23. HipChat Corporate Messaging Know-How Management

  24. Customer Support Know-How Management

  25. UserVoice Community Support Know-How Management

  26. • Control your IP • Sell better (not more) •

    Improve Relationships • Be Consistent EPIC FAIL The Goals Know-How Management
  27. Power Pi! Internet is not a business but a channel

    to reach your customers. “ Know-How Management
  28. Data Analysis

  29. Data Analysis The Cha!enge Balance quality/cost

  30. Google Analytics Standard. Complex. Rigid. Data Analysis

  31. Piwik Open Source Data Analysis

  32. Sprout Social Media Data Analysis

  33. Flurry Mobile Oriented Data Analysis

  34. Moz SEO Data Analysis

  35. Segment Metrics Agregation Data Analysis

  36. Ducksboard Dashboards Data Analysis

  37. • Know the Truth • Get some kind of Guidance

    • Test Hypothesis (barely) • Don’t sacrify productivity EPIC FAIL The Goals Data Analysis
  38. Power Pi! If you can´t design a framework to measure

    if your business model is working, probably you should change your business model. “ Data Analysis
  39. Extra Ball!

  40. A PRO always uses THE BEST TOOLS

  41. WE USE THE TOOLS they don’t use us

  42. Tools are just weapons the most difficult thing is… CHOOSE

  43. @david_bonilla Slides are (still) available at: Thanks!