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http4k - the Swiss Army Knife for Kotlin HTTP apps

http4k - the Swiss Army Knife for Kotlin HTTP apps

An overview of the state of the http4k libraries, given at the Google Developer Experts Kotlin Meetup.

David Denton

April 30, 2021

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  1. THE WHAT AND THE WHY OF HTTP4K? ๏ Toolkit for

    building HTTP-based applications. ๏ Leverage Kotlin language features. ๏ Based on functional concepts: composition and immutability. ๏ No magic. No reflection. No annotations. ๏ Minimal/no dependencies. ๏ Supports Test-Driven approaches, easily testable outside container.
  2. THE CORE HTTP4K TYPES Type Signature(s) Usage HttpHandler (Request) ->

    Response { req: Request -> Response(OK).body(req.body) } Filter (HttpHandler) -> HttpHandler Filter { next -> { req -> next(req).removeHeader(“Date") } } Router (Request) -> RouterMatch Router { Unmatched(RouterDescription("no match")) } Lens<O, TARGET> Inject (TARGET) -> O Extract (O, TARGET) -> TARGET val lens = Query.int().required("age") val age: Int = lens(request) val reqWithAge = lens(21, Request(GET, "")) AppLoader (Map<String, String>) -> HttpHandler AppLoader { env: Map<String, String> -> { req -> Response(OK).body(env.toString()) } }
  3. THE “SERVER AS A FUNCTION” MODEL ๏ Based on uniform

    client/server model ๏ endpoints are HttpHandler functions ๏ modules are HttpHandler functions ๏ servers are HttpHandler functions ๏ clients are HttpHandler functions

    unlocks new powers ๏ For application design: ๏ lightweight, functional, no-magic services ๏ simple, extensible, composable abstractions ๏ apps become pure functions which can be easily tested ๏ For testing (which we are obsessive about!): ๏ servers and clients can be interchanged ๏ zero custom testing infrastructure ๏ tests are portable across the pyramid AND technology
  5. SOME STATS ABOUT THE PROJECT ๏ v1 released in May

    2017 ๏ 450 releases, 5.5k commits, 81 contributors ๏ 50 modules, supporting 17 server and serverless backends ๏ Core module is still only 1mb (zero dependencies) ๏ Usage seems to be pan-industry - lots of FS/banking ๏ More recently, uptick in serverless interest
  6. WHAT’S NEXT? ๏ Push towards zero-config native binaries ๏ Serverless

    ๏ New DSL-driven FunctionHandler abstraction ๏ Super-lightweight AWS Lambda runtime ๏ http4k-connect: SaaF-friendly clients & fakes ๏ Tooling to push boundaries of multi-service testing

    find the entire http4k project quite exemplary in both function and style/form. At first glance my impression was that it must be deficient because the code-base was too small and the style - simple and elegant -- to the point I was skeptical it would actually work in 'the real world'. I have verified to my satisfaction that I was totally wrong. The apparent simplicity is actually elegance -- a direct representative of the overall design architecture. So thank you -- not just for a great library but also an inspiration and example of excellent engineering we could all strive to follow as a model of something done well." - David A. Lee