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General guide for event organizers - 5Ws

General guide for event organizers - 5Ws

More details: http://dayforfailure.com/

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September 11, 2012


  1. Salads: 5Ws for Organizers

  2. Who • Anyone who have failure stories. • Especially those

    who want to overcome fear of failure and pursue personal dreams. • No previous experience of organizing events is required.
  3. When •Preferably on October 13th. •You could organize events flexibly

    on the 2nd week of October. (8th - 14th)
  4. Where •In your neighborhood. •Basically it means, anywhere on this

  5. What •Share failure stories & lessons •Have fun around failure

  6. Why • First, Smart people learn from others’ mistakes. Everyone

    wants to be smart. • Second, we must learn to accept failure as a natural learning experience. • Third, we usually avoid thinking about failure, let alone share it.
  7. Main dish will also be served.