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Quick Tour on Day for Failure

Quick Tour on Day for Failure

More details: http://dayforfailure.com/

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September 11, 2012

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  1. What is Day for Failure? •Day for Failure is an

    international Campaign. •Main event takes place on October, 13th in Finland. •Partners organize events all over the world during the 2nd week of October (8th-14th)
  2. What’s the goal? •Our Aim is to change our culture

    of failure by Celebration. •In other words, we make people learn to accept fear of failure and rethink failure as a learning experience.
  3. Who are the main organizers? 1. Aalto Entrepreneurship Society(AaltoES) is

    the largest and most vibrant entrepreneurship community in Europe, solely run by students and post- graduates. AaltoES brings together most talented people in Northern Europe to create startups. 2.Boardman Ltd is the leading network of corporate governance specialists focusing on the development of good corporate governance and board work in Finland. Boardman organizes seminars and forums to develop good corporate governance in Finland.
  4. What happened in the past? • Day for Failure was

    started 2 years ago in Finland by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (AaltoES). • Until 2011, it was a national campaign with a vision to make Oct, 13th a new flag-raised day to think about failure. • In 2011, AaltoES, along with Boardman Tulenkantajat, interviewed 15 well- known Finnish figures (e.g. Ex-CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila) and brought together a dozen more as supporters of the campaign. • In 2011, the campaign reached more than 1.2 million people out of 5 million total population in Finland and received an extensive media coverage from TV news, newspaper, and radio.
  5. What should I do now? •There are 5 different ways

    to celebrate Day for Failure. Do one of them. •Enjoy other guides (main dish, and etc) •Visit Dayforfailure.com •Follow @dayforfailure