Blockchain & Healthcare

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November 22, 2018

Blockchain & Healthcare

A look at how the trends emerging from blockchain's technology landscape could apply to solving key healthcare challenges. Delivered at 2018 at Chelsea Football Club, London.



November 22, 2018


  1. Blockchain + Healthcare: Projects and Trends David Lockie @dcentagency

  2. • Trust in healthcare • A (quick) intro to blockchain

    • Cryptoeconomic disruptors • Exploring blockchain projects • Trends and predictions • Next steps for you • A disclaimer Slides on What will you get from this talk? @dcentagency
  3. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare

  4. "It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that

    holds human associations together." H. L. Mencken Trust in healthcare @dcentagency
  5. How would healthcare be better with more trust? @dcentagency

    Trust in healthcare
  6. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare Autism, inflammatory bowel disease, and

    MMR vaccine
  7. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare AIDS was manufactured at Fort

    Detrick by genetic engineers
  8. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare NHS targets may have led

    to 1,200 deaths’ in Mid-Staffordshire. ave-led-to-1200-deaths-in-Mid-Staffordshire.html
  9. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare The fluoride wars: how a

    modest public health measure became America's longest running political melodrama.
  10. @dcentagency Trust in healthcare They’re turning the frogs gay

    aka the big pharma conspiracy gy-behind-internet-conspiracy
  11. "This is the existential challenge of our times….taking the informed

    risk to join the battle for truth so that facts triumph over fears." Edelman Trust Barometer 2018 Trust in healthcare @dcentagency
  12. @dcentagency A (quick) intro to blockchain

  13. Blockchains - decentralised ledger technology, consensus by algorithm, smart contracts

    Smart contracts - programmable agreements, execute on the blockchain as conditions are met Cryptocurrencies - decentralised currencies based on cryptography Coins/tokens - digital representations of an intrinsic or physical assets tracked on a blockchain Oracles - trusted authorities, involved in smart contracts dApps - decentralised apps which use the blockchain itself as their operating system @dcentagency Key terms
  14. “Cryptoeconomics refers to the combinations of cryptography, computer networks and

    game theory which provide secure systems exhibiting some set of economic dis/incentives.” Cryptoeconomics @dcentagency
  15. @dcentagency Cryptoeconomic disruptors

  16. 1. Identity and personal data Users manage their own identity

    and control the data they share. Cryptoeconomics @dcentagency
  17. 2. Internet money Tokens used to transfer value between system

    participants. Cryptoeconomics @dcentagency
  18. 3. Networks and relationships Increased transparency, shared data and game

    theory create new organisations. Cryptoeconomics @dcentagency
  19. @dcentagency Exploring blockchain projects

  20. @dcentagency Basic Attention Token works hand-in-hand with the Brave

    browser to monetise content, protect privacy and reward users for consuming ads. Illuminating transactions
  21. @dcentagency An open source project donated by IBM (and

    others) to the Hyperledger Foundation (part of the Linux foundation). A bundle of permissioned blockchains and related tools - high performance out of the box (~5k TPS). In use/trials by enterprise e.g. IBM and Walmart for food safety and EverLedger for diamond tracking. Enterprise data sharing
  22. @dcentagency Wave is a Barclays accelerator-backed trade finance project

    that allows for instant document exchange and accelerated/automated remittance of finance along supply chains. Economic inefficiency
  23. The blockchain is only as useful as the quality of

    the data within it. The concept behind Riddle & Code is to have silicon-level fingerprinting so that devices can be trusted at an individual level as a foundation upon which to build trust about data contributors. @dcentagency Trusted IoT data
  24. Blockchain without the blockchain A smart energy platform that combines:

    • Smart energy hub (IoT) • Energy use insights (AI) • Trade energy with neighbours (Blockchain) All the consumer sees is reduced bills and helpful tips. @dcentagency Better experience
  25. @dcentagency Trends and predictions

  26. Healthcare is a “darling sector” for blockchain Trends and predictions @dcentagency
  27. Everything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized Trends and

    predictions @dcentagency
  28. Trends and predictions @dcentagency The first time you use

    blockchain, you won’t know you are
  29. Trends and predictions @dcentagency Identity and personal data will

    become far more tightly integrated with value
  30. Trends and predictions @dcentagency Healthcare professionals + Augmented Intelligence

    + Cryptoeconomics + IoT sensors + Data = Superpowers
  31. Trends and predictions @dcentagency We’ll be able to design

    a healthcare system that optimises for the outcomes we want
  32. @dcentagency What healthcare system do we want? Trends and

  33. @dcentagency Next steps for you

  34. @dcentagency • Read more about these projects (slides are

    on with onward links) • Take the free HyperLedger course: • Learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies • Read for a good read and look at the web today • Book a free briefing with me by emailing Next steps
  35. @dcentagency DISCLAIMER: Blockchain isn't the right fit for everything

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