Unleashing the power within: A hands-on guide to browser developer tools

Unleashing the power within: A hands-on guide to browser developer tools

This tutorial was first presented at Velocity Conference Santa Clara on the 21st June 2016.


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Just as great warriors must first master their weapons, developers need to master their developer tools. Did you know that the very browser you are using is capable of some pretty amazing things? Using the power of your browser, you can develop, debug, and diagnose issues with a few clicks of your mouse.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Knowing how to use the developer tools is an important part of becoming a true warrior. Dean Hume teaches you exactly how to use the tools to become a better developer, one web page at a time. Dean walks you through the basics of Chrome Developer Tools before diving into some of the deeper aspects of the browser. You’ll leave knowing how to use developer tools in Chrome to improve web application performance and how to debug and diagnose problems quickly.

Topics include:

- Building websites directly through the browser
- Debugging JavaScript and CSS
- Inspecting and editing elements in the DOM
- Improving mobile website development
- Debugging and working with service workers
- How to performance audit your website
- Understanding the timeline
- Ensuring your website is 60 FPS

For more information visit http://deanhume.com


Dean Hume

June 21, 2016