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Speed is important

Dean Hume
February 01, 2013

Speed is important

This was a recent talk that I gave at Experian about the simple steps that you can take to ensure that your website runs faster. http://deanhume.com

Dean Hume

February 01, 2013

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  1. Speed is Important

  2. @deanohume deanhume.com

  3. How important is speed?

  4. Purposely injected a 100ms delay into their page load times.

    This decreased their sales by 1 %
  5. $10,711,000,000

  6. £66 Million That’s massive!

  7. At Bing, a 2 seconds delay caused a 4.3% drop

    in revenue per user.
  8. None
  9. So where do we start?

  10. The easiest place first

  11. Scalable. Quick. Easy.

  12. Its all about making the size of the page smaller

  13. ImageCompression Expiry Headers Minify JavaScript & CSS Compression

  14. None
  15. Minify JavaScript & CSS ajaxmin.codeplex.com Visual Studio 2012

  16. Image Compression Kraken.io Smush.it

  17. Compression Enabled in IIS in 3 clicks Enabled in Web.config

  18. Expiry Headers Enabled in IIS in 3 clicks Enabled in

  19. You will need help along the way

  20. Developer tools = best friend

  21. Use these tools Yahoo! YSlow Google PageSpeed

  22. Test from different locations around the world Webpagetest.org

  23. Think about mobile devices and tablets

  24. None
  25. Show me the difference!

  26. None
  27. Everyone fast

  28. Thank you. Any questions?