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Taking your CI/CD to the next level

March 20, 2018

Taking your CI/CD to the next level

Using Vault to secure, encrypt and manage secrets (and some scare stories to drive you with fear)


March 20, 2018

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  1. Waste • Locating a job • Running the wrong one

    • Cancelling • Finding the right one • Running the right one but it fails • Because the wrong had already ran
  2. Organizational Focal Point(s) When a job fails? When the Server

    is down When restore / backup are required When a job cannot be located When a new plugin is needed … … We need to empower our developers
  3. How can we improve? We need a system that is

    1. Self serving 2. Self healing 3. Enforces a structured work 4. Uses code for configuration and infrastructure 5. Scaleable and fast 6. Easy to handle, add plugins and develop them in any language
  4. • Jenkins file • Jenkins DSL for everything • Plugins

    But things are still missing - easy scale, plugins dev, self healing, stateless servers And let’s be honest - groovy? Improving the Jenkins process
  5. Drone Written in Golang, open source, easy to set up

    Configuration Containers Plugins Developers’ happiness
  6. Autoscaler “Drone Autoscale is a lightweight daemon that elastically increases

    and decreases your compute resources based on your build volume. Integrates with Digital Ocean, Amazon Web services, Hetzner and more.”
  7. The power of using your own DB • Stateful system

    • Easy to backup • Easy restore • Queryable • Measureable
  8. blog.devopspro.co.uk http://bit.ly/2FTiLiB How I helped my company ship features 10

    times faster, and made dev and ops win Deploying and using Drone CI like a pro
  9. Reading materials and links https://drone.io - Drone CI saas /

    open source http://docs.drone.io - Docs and introduction http://plugins.drone.io - Some plugins https://blog.devopspro.co.uk/how-i-helped-my-company-ship-features-10-times-faster-a nd-made-dev-and-ops-win-a758a83b530c - My post outlining the deployment