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amie Donoghue - Organising for DevOps - People before Process and Technology

amie Donoghue - Organising for DevOps - People before Process and Technology

Organising For DevOps - People Before Process And Technology

A DevOps way of working promises many benefits; from faster delivery to a more stable operating environment. But it’s not all about the technology!

To successfully implement and sustain DevOps, you must look at your people first. Join Jamie as he introduces the key roles that are critical success factors for any DevOps implementation.

Why would this talk be a good fit for the DevOpsDays audience?
Introduce a wider IT audience to the career development options that are available for traditional IT Organisations (IT Horses) to practice DevOps.
DevOpsDays Singapore 2017

DevOpsDays Singapore

October 26, 2017

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  1. Organising for DevOps Putting People before Process and Technology 2017

  2. Jamie Donoghue Director and Principal Consultant MBA, CISA, CGEIT, CISM,

    CRISC, COBIT, P3O, MSP, PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL Expert, Six Sigma (GB), ScrumMaster, Lean Change, DevOps Leader, CASM, CAPO Speaker Jamie is the Founder and Principal Consultant of VisionLed Consulting, a boutique digital transformation company that is focused upon the people-side of transformation. He is also an Adjunct-Lecturer at the National University of Singapore - Institute of Systems Science, where he develops Singapore’s competencies in IT Governance, Programme Management, Project Management, and IT Service Management (including DevOps!) jamie@visionled.co
  3. Start with Why What? How? Why? https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

  4. Start with Why What? How? Process People Technology Services Why?

  5. Technology – Process – People Please don’t read the small

  6. Technology – Process – People Endless cycle of technology implementations

    and refresh Expensive and embarrassing white elephants Slave to the tool
  7. Process – Technology – People COBIT 4.1, ©ISACA. All Rights

  8. Process – Technology – People

  9. People – Process – Technology

  10. People – Process – Technology Ebbinghaus, Forgetting Curve

  11. Start with Who! What? How? Why? Who? Customer Dev Ops

  12. Why Wouldn’t We Want To Start With People? Is DevOps

    the next fad? Faster releases are going to make our production challenges worse! Do I have to learn how to code? I hate writing code! I don’t want to join a cross-functional team. I like where I am now! What will I do once I have completed testing? Sit around? Are we not doing shared services anymore? Does Dev absorb Ops? I like Hardware, not Software. Do I still have a future here? Do we have to adopt the Spotify model? Does DevOps apply to legacy systems?
  13. Law of Propinquity (stating the obvious) The greater the physical

    (or psychological) proximity between people, the greater the chance that they will form friendships or romantic relationships.
  14. The Negative Effect of Context Switching

  15. People – Who is DevOps? Release Manager Scrum Master Agile

    Service Manager Test Engineer Continuous Delivery Architect Software Developer DevSecOps Engineer Site Reliability Engineer Agile Process Owner Automation Architect CX / UX Architect XA Professional Customer Support DevOps Leader Product Owner
  16. People - Good Reasons Why Business Reason • We want

    to increase Productivity DevOps Response ü We’ll increase availability and reduce the MTTR • We want to increase our Market Share ü We’ll reduce the Lead Time to Release ü We’ll improve our Quality and Stability • We want to decrease our Operating Costs ü We’ll reduce manual processes ü We’ll remove legacy systems • We want to protect our information from hackers! ü We’ll implement robust automated testing ü We’ll control our assets with automated configuration management
  17. People to Process - What You Learn Must Be Applied

  18. Process - How Should We Organise? http://web.devopstopologies.com/

  19. Process to Technology

  20. The Sequence Matters

  21. Should We Start With People First This Time?