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From Pivot to Purpose

From Pivot to Purpose

A recorded talk for Edgehill University (UK) as part of their Solstice 2020 conference. Recording here: https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/articles/presentation/From_Pivot_to_Purpose/12459716

Simon Thomson

July 07, 2020

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  1. From Pivot to Purpose Simon Thomson – Visiting Fellow Edge

    Hill University Solstice Conference 2020 @digisim
  2. Reflective Period (Staff) • Digital vs Face-to-Face: Comparing previous face-to-face

    teaching experiences to those digital experiences they will have had during the remote teaching period. • Assessments: Many colleagues will have had to change assessments due to this situation, some of those changes might be beneficial longer term. • Learning Resources: What teaching and reading lists materials were provided/adapted for remote teaching. To what extent could some of these resources be used in hybrid pedagogy? @digisim
  3. Reflective Period (Staff) • Delivery/Activities: Reflecting on the learning activities

    that were developed for students and the extent to which synchronous/asynchronous experiences were implemented. • Student Engagement: In the context of remote teaching what were the most successful activities for student engagement and what worked less well? @digisim
  4. Reflective Period (Students) The same themes can be used (at

    a course /programme level) to get a sense of what worked for our students (and what didn’t). @digisim
  5. Embedding within Institution • Active learning at the heart of

    the process (already well established as part of our curriculum framework. • Scaffolded learning • Student engagement in meaningful interactions with content, academics, peers, advisers • Community and connectedness: peers, cohort, wider support (school/central support), Guild/societies @digisim
  6. ABC with a twist. @digisim ABC Learning Design workshop by

    Clive Young and Nataša Perović, UCL. (2015). Learning types, Laurillard, D. (2012). Resources available from https://abc-ld.org