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Asset Meta Data Management With Neos CMS

Asset Meta Data Management With Neos CMS

Extract EXIF / IPTC IIM Meta Data and map it to Content Repository Nodes.

Daniel Lienert

April 01, 2017

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  1. Title: Neos team group photo Description: A group photo of

    the news core team at the stage of the inspiring conference. Tags: Neos, Conference, Core Team, Inspiring Conference Author: Daniel Lienert Capture Date: 22.04.2016 Faces: Florian, Martin, Robert, Johannes, Daniel, Tobias, Christian, Sebastian, … Technical Details: Camera, ISO, Aperture, Lens, Make, Zoom, fNumber …
  2. Neos: MetaData: metaDataMapping: title: '${asset.Title || iptc.Title || exif.ImageDescription}' caption:

    '${asset.Caption || iptc.Description}' tags: '${Array.concat(asset.tags, iptc.Keywords)}' Neos.MetaData
  3. type: Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetInterface mapping: '${asset.assetObject}' 'Neos.MetaData:Exif': … properties: dateTime: type: DateTime

    mapping: '${exif.DateTime}' ui: label: DateTime help: message: 'The date and time of image creation' Neos.MetaData.ContentRepositoryAdapter
  4. Query Assets Like Nodes mapData = Neos.Fusion:Collection { collection =

    ${q(assets).children('[instanceof Neos.MetaData:Image][gpsLatitude]').get()} }