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Easily monitor your product data

Easily monitor your product data


Damien Mathieu

June 18, 2014


  1. Monitor all the things @dmathieu

  2. (Easily) Monitor all the things @dmathieu

  3. Awesome app

  4. Such features

  5. None
  6. Product monitoring X new users this month.! X active users

    this month.! X users who left this month.! …
  7. Let’s build a production monitoring dashboard

  8. module Api module V1 class StatsController < ::Api::V1::BaseController respond_to :json

    ! def index stats = StatService.search(current_user, params[:ids], params[:query]) respond_with stats, root: :stats end ! def show service = StatService.find(current_user, params[:id]) respond_with service.subject end ! def create service = StatService.new(Stat.new) service.save(permitted_params, current_user) ! respond_with service.subject end ! def update service = StatService.find(current_user, params[:id]) service.save(permitted_params, current_user) ! respond_with service.subject end ! def destroy service = StatService.find(current_user, params[:id]) service.destroy(current_user) ! respond_with service.subject end ! private def permitted_params params.require(:stat).permit(*StatService.permitted_params) end end end end
  9. Just kidding Remember the title of the talk? Easily Monitor

    all the things
  10. What’s the easiest way to view data? SELECT date_trunc('month', users.created_at)

    as date, count(*) FROM users GROUP BY date ORDER BY date DESC;
  11. Have you met data clips? https://dataclips.heroku.com https://github.com/mmcgrana/pgpin

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Are we done? Sure we’re not! What’s the way best

    to get an overall view of things?
  15. None
  16. Postgres to Librato

  17. Postgres to Librato https://github.com/ys/libraclips https://github.com/mmcgrana/ pg2librato

  18. None
  19. I now declare thee king of your own data

  20. Thanks Questions? http://bit.ly/data-monitoring