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New learning pathways in an open and digital world – What might the education landscape look like in 2030?

301e8da35854ae68504039707986b038?s=47 Dominic Orr
November 28, 2019

New learning pathways in an open and digital world – What might the education landscape look like in 2030?

Keynote presentation at the OE Global Conference 2019 in Milan. The conference title was Open education for an open world. The talk emphasises that we should think about educational challenges first, before we can determine how methods likes open educational resources, artificial intelligence, open badges etc. can help us get there.


Dominic Orr

November 28, 2019


  1. OPEN EDUCATION FOR AN OPEN FUTURE New learning pathways in

    an open and digital world – What might the education landscape look like in 2030? Dr. Dominic Orr Adjunct professor, University of Nova Gorica Research lead at Kiron Open Higher Education Email: dominic.orr@kiron.ngo Twitter: @dominicorr
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  3. • Open Educational Resources • Open Education • Artificial Intelligence

    • Digitalisation of education • Open Badges • … What I am not interested in…
  4. 1. Study programmes need to reflect on and react to

    the developments in society and the labour market 2. Learners need to acquire new skills and competences, which enable them to fully benefit from the ‘digital dividends’ of technology 3. Higher education institutions should be a place to consider and even practice future social reform, which can truly harness the benefits of digitalisation for all 4. The opportunities of digitalisation for creating new learning spaces should be harnessed to improve the accessibility and quality of educational provision Major goals for higher education
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  6. My vision for higher (or tertiary) education : To ensure

    that all members of society participate in higher education at some point in their lifetime.
  7. Is this our concept of the student in higher education?

    Stuck in an ecosystem! Orr, D., Lübcke, M., Schmidt, P., Ebner, M., Wannemacher, K., Ebner, M., & Dohmen, D. (2019). AHEAD Internationales Horizon-Scanning: Trendanalyse zu einer Hochschullandschaft in 2030. Retrieved from https://hochschulforumdigitalisierung.de/sites/default/files/dateien/HFD_AP_Nr_42_AHEAD_WEB.pdf
  8. Picture credits: europeana.eu, id: lnb-zl-12542, 1980, National Library of Latvia:

    Elektroniskās skaitļošanas tehnika Rīgas Politehniskajā institūtā | Salcēvičs, Romvalds, 1949- How learning is expected to happen
  9. Photo Library, University of Cyprus, July 2019. D. Orr CC-BY

    Photo under the auditorium at Mannheim Uni, Sept 2018. D. Orr CC BY. How learning is really happening
  10. Do students “live” in an open or closed system? 51%

    of students in Europe work 35% of students, who work alongside their studies consider themselves primarily workers, then students Masevičiūtė, K., Šaukeckienė, V., & Ozolinčiūtė, E. (2018). Combining studies and paid jobs - Thematic review. Retrieved from http://www.eurostudent.eu/download_files/documents/TR_paid_jobs.pdf
  11. Weise, M. R., Hanson, A. R., Sentz, R., & Saleh,

    Y. (2018). Human + Skills For The Future of Work. Strada Institute for the Future of Work. Retrieved from https://www.economicmodeling.com/wp- content/uploads/2018/11/Robot-Ready_Report_Single.pdf
  12. Photo in garden of guest house at University of Essex,

    July 2019. D. Orr CC BY.
  13. This is a university neither in-itself (the research university), nor

    for- itself (the entrepreneurial university) but for-others. The ecological university (Ron Barnett) Barnett, R. (2011). The coming of the ecological university. Oxford Review of Education, 37(4), 439–455. https://doi.org/10.1080/03054985.2011.595550
  14. • The potentials of digitalisation to create network-based teaching and

    learning environments have not sufficiently been taken into account. • Digital technologies can open up learning spaces. From criticism to vision
  15. Higher education Higher education High edu 2 … n Model

    1 - Tamagotchi (Status quo plus) Model 2 - Jenga Model 3 - Lego set Model 4 - Transformers er Higher education / Vocational training n … … Higher education + + + + + + + + 4 learning pathways through higher education
  16. Tamagotchi: Higher education for a good start in life •

    A closed ecosystem built around the student Job market Didactics Technology Organisation
  17. Jenga: Higher education as a solid fundament for further development

    • Providers offer a foundation of knowledge and competence which is extended by learners through shorter study blocks in their further learning pathway. Job market Didactics Technology Organisation
  18. Lego: Higher education as building blocks • The course of

    study is not completed as a compact, long unit, but consists of individually combined modules of different sizes. Job market Didactics Technology Organisation
  19. Transformer: Higher education as chance for transformation • The students

    in this model do not transfer directly to higher ed as school leavers, but have already acquired their own professional identity and life experience, which contribute to their studies. Job market Didactics Technology Organisation
  20. • Wide-open learning through our digital platform for underserved groups

    • Mobile-first approach thru new mobile app Kiron Open Higher Education https://www.kiron.ngo/
  21. Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange ONLINE FACILITATED DIALOGUE • Connecting young people

    in non-formal discussions from various countries to each other for exposure to diverse views and cultures, language exchange and practice, and employability skills. • Recognition through open badges. 21
  22. • Aims to establish the leading model of a student-centred,

    open and inclusive European University • “…To make the YUFE experience accessible to as many students as possible, YUFE will set up a virtual European campus. • YUFE grades will be automatically recognized at all YUFE universities. Moreover, you can earn YUFE Stars by developing your personal and professional skills.” Yufe (Virtual) Campus An alliance of 8 universities and 6 associate partners https://www.yufe.eu/ https://www.yufe.eu/
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  24. [ HIGHER EDUCATION] Recognition and certification of knowledge and competencies

    Learning content, support and didactics Access to and delivery of learning opportunities Okay, now we can talk about how to make teaching and learning better… cf. https://oofat.oerhub.net/OOFAT/