Make legacy great again! @ PHP Benelux 2017

Make legacy great again! @ PHP Benelux 2017

This talk was happening at PHP Benelux 2017!

Working with legacy code is one of more important skills for a developer. But it’s frightening, messy, hard to untangle and basically “magic” all around. Though it doesn’t have to be this way! Let me show you how to start loving legacy and apply some tricks to make it a much greater experience for you and your fellow developers. With this talk I want to share my knowledge on how to start dealing with legacy, how to break less things and be more confident in changing it, how to embrace and start enjoying your adventure with legacy, examples and tips/tricks on how to deal with day to day situations and how to apply modern day principles on legacy code.

This won’t be a silver bullet, but should put you on good track to start enjoying legacy code and reap nice fruits from it. This also won’t be a talk which spends more time explaining that principles and tests are good for you, I think we all know that and when hearing “legacy code” in the talk title developers expect more.. concrete and actionable help with their daily life.


Donatas Aleksandravičius

January 27, 2017