Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ann Arbor

Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ann Arbor

Established as a fund through the Community Foundation of Ann Arbor, 2009.


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August 01, 2009


  1. Engaging Our Companies in the Community STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES.

  2. Our Mission To engage high growth companies in corporate citizenship

    and philanthropic efforts so that new and leveraged resources are generated for community benefit. Our Work Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF) works with emerging companies to create, manage and implement corporate foundations and community benefit programs. Our Vision Ann Arbor will be considered a leading community, not just for our innovations but also for our corporate commitment to the broader community. About Entrepreneurs Foundation STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES.
  3. Entrepreneurs Foundation serves as a catalyst for: Corporate Citizenship: The

    strategy that underpins a company's mission and the choices made each day by the executives and employees as they engage with society. Community Involvement: Building awareness and active engagement at all levels of the organization in social issues that impact quality of life. Philanthropy: Cash donations of any kind by corporations or employees. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. A Catalyst for Companies & Communities

  5. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Corporate Giving Corporate

    Giving: •  Donate stock/stock options •  Give direct cash donations •  Provide matching gifts •  Create a corporate advised fund •  Donate office space •  Donate/discount product or services EF Participating Company Corporate Giving Examples: •  Combined, EF Bay Area companies have given over $8.2 M to community benefit organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Resource Area for Teaching, Family Giving Tree and Partners in School Innovation. •  8 EF Bay Area companies have created Corporate Advised Funds (Company Foundation).
  6. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Volunteerism Employee

    Volunteerism: •  Sponsor team-based company days in the community •  Support individual involvement in community activities •  Encourage employees to take Board and other leadership roles with community benefit organizations •  Encourage employees to provide skills-based volunteering •  Enable civic engagement & participation EF Participating Company Examples: •  In 2008, EF Bay Area Company employees contributed over 7,600 hours to the community. •  Companies align CI activities with cross functional team building, spirit programs, and leadership development initiatives. Employee Volunteerism
  7. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Giving EF

    Participating Company Employee Giving: •  Host drives for employees to contribute (e.g. food, backpacks, toys) •  Conduct fundraisers (e.g. silent auctions and bake sales) •  Enable employees to donate PTO •  Enable employees to make financial contributions through payroll deductions •  Support 10K and 5K walk/runs Examples: •  In 2008, EF Bay Area companies donated approximately 95,000 lbs of food, 1,400 toys and 1,500 backpacks through company hosted drives. •  Companies sponsor auctions to raise funds for local organizations. Auction items have included lunch with the CEO! Employee Giving
  8. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Giving EF

    Participating Company Corporate Infrastructure Corporate Infrastructure: •  Create a community involvement (CI) mission statement that incorporates the company’s mission, vision, and values •  Set goals for the program and community outcomes •  Survey employee interests •  Form an employee CI Planning Team •  Plan an annual community calendar •  Recognize and reward employees for their participation Examples: •  Companies sponsor group volunteer activities or drives (such as food, toy, and backpack drives) •  Leadership incorporates community involvement initiatives into the company’s business strategy and human resources objectives.
  9. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Business Practices Business

    Practices: •  Institute policies such as volunteer time off (VTO), matching gifts, or dollars for doers •  Enable employees to donate PTO •  Institute a payroll deduction program •  Become an environmentally green company: waste and air pollution reduction, and energy saving measures (e.g. recycling, fluorescent light bulb, and alternative transportation programs) •  Order supplies where nonprofits benefit •  Use nonprofit staffing services that transition people back into the workforce EF Participating Company Business Practices Examples from EF Bay Area: •  Approximately 25% of EF Bay Area companies have VTO policies ranging from 8 to 40 hours per year. •  Companies purchase their supplies from Give Something Back. •  Temporary employees for projects are hired from Hope Rehabilitation Services. •  Companies enable employees to purchase train and bus passes through pre-tax deductions from their payroll.
  10. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Marketing/Communications EF Participating

    Company Marketing/Communications: •  Educate employees on community needs •  Represent CI program on internal and external websites •  Promote program through press release(s) •  Include program in employee orientations and handbook •  Develop cause-related marketing campaigns •  Summarize community involvement & impact in annual reports to share with company stakeholders •  Sponsor nonprofit events •  Publish an annual calendar •  Celebrate results! Examples: •  Companies partner with clients on their CI initiatives. •  Community organizations present at all-hands meetings. •  Companies include their CI program in their internal and external websites, bulletin boards, and newsletters including links to the organizations they support, employee activities, photos and recognition awards. Marketing/ Communications
  11. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Sample Timeline Program Maintained Implement Program

    EF Develops Strategic Plan & Convenes CI Team Company All Hands & Survey Launch CEO/EF Meeting Framework for Program Resolution & Agreement
  12. Company Roles & Responsibilities CEO •  Executes stock agreement • 

    Attends annual meeting with EF to review program •  Acts as an EF advocate Executive Liaison •  Provides communication to and from company leadership •  Encourages leadership involvement in activities •  Participates as member of community involvement team CI Liaison •  Administers program with community involvement team •  Provides EF with data on CI program annually •  Keeps EF informed about CI activities Marketing Liaison •  Provides EF with company logo •  Includes community involvement on website & intranet •  Promotes CI program as appropriate (e.g. annual report, press releases) Community Involvement Team •  Plans and coordinates CI activities •  Champions and promotes CI activities •  Provides communication to and from employees STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. EF Participating Company
  13. STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. EF Roles & Responsibilities Entrepreneurs Foundation

    Facilitator •  Makes it easy for your company to put aside philanthropy funds •  Helps your company develop your CI program •  Connects your company with community organizations that match your areas of interest •  Engages your community involvement team Consultant •  Helps your company develop community involvement strategies that compliment your company’s business strategies •  Develops appropriate policies and procedures •  Conducts employee survey •  Works with you to evaluate and plan for your program on a yearly basis Advisor •  Provides guidance on all things related to your community involvement program •  Helps research and vet appropriate community organizations with which to work •  Is a sounding board for ideas and challenges •  Provides a learning community to share best practices & lessons learned Extra Pair of Hands •  Assists in coordinating community involvement activities as needed and appropriate •  Drafts communications to employees and key stakeholders •  Drafts policies and procedures

    Area Website: http://www.efbayarea.org The Resources and Tools section offers a clearinghouse of tools, resources, and examples focusing on specific components of implementing community involvement programs. EFCommunity Online Social Network: http://efcommunity.ning.com A place for anyone, anywhere to connect anytime and share ideas, ask questions, find resources, and more around corporate community involvement, philanthropy, and social responsibility. EF Initiatives Network-wide community involvement activities that address social concerns such as health, hunger, education and environment. Initiatives demonstrate how together EF members generate greater community impact. Roundtables An opportunity for community involvement managers to network with each other and focus on the implementation of specific components of CCI programs. EF Newsletter A quarterly email with news about our companies in action, upcoming events and activities, tips, pointers, and much more. EF Events •  Powered by EF Gala •  Corporate Citizenship Conference