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Programming is Boring

Programming is Boring

A short talk about how programming is boring, but boredom is necessary for growth. First given at @wafflejs on August 3rd, 2016 in San Francisco, CA


Duretti Hirpa

August 04, 2016


  1. (but you know, only sometimes) @wafflejs 3 August 2016 programming

    is boring
  2. hey there I’m @duretti! !

  3. I’m here to tell you a secret

  4. None

  6. when we talk to each other, it’s usually about the

    cool stuff
  7. None
  8. we don’t talk about the real-real

  9. perception

  10. reality


  12. a list of boring things I’ve done

  13. a list of boring things I’ve done [non exahustive]

  14. html email, just like, generally "

  15. html email, just like, generally "

  16. fixing tests #

  17. manual copypasta of text out of a spreadsheet and into

    templates $
  18. adding tracking code, to anything

  19. that’s not to say programming is all bad

  20. handy formula for non-boredom

  21. #engagement frustration + googling =

  22. a couple of tips, tho

  23. getting right with frustration and boredom is hugely important

  24. when bored, it’s easy to be lazy

  25. None
  26. boredom is the price of improvement

  27. A life too full of excitement is an exhausting life,

    in which continually stronger stimuli are needed to give the thrill that has come to be thought an essential part of pleasure. A person accustomed to too much excitement is like a person with a morbid craving for pepper, who comes last to be unable even to taste a quantity of pepper which would cause anyone else to choke. —Bertrand Russell
  28. many parts of life are surprisingly boring

  29. “It's hard having kids, to sit there That really is

    the hardest part of having kids. because it's boring. uh, Ask any parent. ‘What’s the hard part? Is it looking after their healthcare? Is it making sure that their education—’ No, it's just being with them on the floor while they be children. It's just they read Clifford the Big Red Dog to you and be horribly proud and bored at the at a rate of fifty minutes a page, and you have same time.” —Louie C.K.
  30. fighting through frustration is an expression of grit

  31. grit is incredibly important in terms of achieving goals

  32. people with grit are stubborn af

  33. time 4 real talk

  34. to last in this industry, you need grit

  35. but also…

  36. automation is your friend

  37. tl; dr

  38. programming is boring

  39. tell your friends

  40. boredom is important for growth

  41. fight frustration, be tenacious

  42. thanks for listening % @duretti