Reimagining Higher Education; The Journey from Amateur to Professional

Reimagining Higher Education; The Journey from Amateur to Professional

Keynote from APT2017

The “professional scholar, but amateur teacher” model is becoming increasingly indefensible as HE becomes more diverse, accountable and adapts to advances in technology and student expectations (McLaren, 2005). However, the route from “amateur” to “professional” status can be daunting and often not align with traditional academic views and progression pathways. This keynote will provide a personal reflection on this journey and describe a number of case studies that have used technologies and techniques from Computer Science to enhance learning and teaching. It will also propose that placing the “user” at the centre when “reimagining higher education” is key to its future, and can be used to bridge the gap between teaching and research.


Ed de Quincey

July 04, 2017