Student-centred design of LA systems

Dafb8db748341892bda61117ecd16a43?s=47 Ed de Quincey
September 05, 2017

Student-centred design of LA systems

Presentation at the 11th UK Learning Analytics Network meeting, Aston University, Birmingham, 5th Sept 2017.

The interaction and interface design of Learning Analytics (LA) systems is often based upon the ability of the developer to extract information from disparate sources and not on the types of data and interpretive needs of the user. Current systems also tend to focus on the educator’s view and very rarely involve students in the development process. In this project we will be placing the learner at the centre by training student ambassadors in user-centred design techniques to find out what motivates their peers to study and how this can be incorporated into the design of a LA tool. Data Mining techniques will be used to build models of student behavior from VLE usage data and other relevant sources so that a LA tool can be developed and trialed on modules across the faculty. Students will be given access to a personalised representation of their progress in real-time, taking into account what motivates them to study. We will also investigate how LA can be incorporated into the delivery of modules with the key aims of increasing engagement, making the VLE a more active space for learning and teaching and bridging the current gap between physical and digital spaces.


Ed de Quincey

September 05, 2017