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日本Androidの会 中国支部 第29回の勉強会の資料。

Tomohiko Himura

September 10, 2012

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  1. GitHub is the best way to collaborate with others. Fork,

    send pull requests and manage all your public and private git repositories. (JU)VC͸ଞͷਓͱڞಉͯ͠࡞ۀ͢Δͷ ʹ࠷ߴͷํ๏ͩɻϑΥʔΫͯ͠ɺϓϧ ϦΫΤετΛૹΓɺެ։ඇެ։໰Θͣ HJUϦϙδτϦΛ؅ཧ͢Δɻ
  2. Git

  3. Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system

    ideal for the collaborative development of software. (JU͸ඇৗʹ଎ͯ͘ɺ࢖͍΍͍͢ɺιϑ ς΢ΣΞΛڞಉͯ͠։ൃ͢Δͷʹཧ૝ తͳ෼ࢄόʔδϣϯ؅ཧγεςϜͩɻ
  4. • jQuery • reddit • Spaakle • curl • Ruby

    on Rails, • ClickToFlash • Erlang/OTP
  5. UNIX like OS $ yum install git-core $ apt-get install

    git $ emerge dev-vcs/git $ pacman -S git $ cd /usr/ports/devel/git && make install $ pkg install developer/versioning/git $ pkg_add git