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Scope Management in Agile Development

April 05, 2023

Scope Management in Agile Development


April 05, 2023

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  1. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE What is Scope Management in

    Agile? • In project management, the scope defines the project's boundaries: What is to be delivered and what is not. • The scope differs from requirements because requirements describe what users can do with a product and how the product should behave. • The scope should be agreed upon upfront with stakeholders to avoid conflicts.
  2. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Why is Scope Management Important?

    • Scope management assists a Product Owner in making informed decisions because the Product Owner make decisions based on the tradeoffs between scope, timeline, and resources. • It is to control stakeholders’ expectations. Stakeholders such as clients expect what to be delivered based on the scope. • It is also for productivity and delivering values. A development team may end up with little or non-accomplishments.
  3. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Different Approaches between Agile and

    Waterfall • Agile changes the scope based on fixed timeline and resources. • Waterfall changes timeline and resources based on fixed scope. Source: https://www.atlassian.com/agile/agile-at-scale/agile-iron-triangle
  4. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE 3 Reasons Scope Management Difficult

    1. The scope must be managed with timeline and resources. 2. Now knowing all requirements upfront. 3. Business environment frequently changes.
  5. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog

    • Product Vision shows why the product exists. • Sprint Goal describes the objectives of Sprint. • Sprint Backlog is Product Backlog Items that should be done within a Sprint.
  6. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Scope and Out-of-Scope Product Backlog

    is out-of-scope. Sprint Backlog is the scope.
  7. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Theme-based Roadmap • The theme-based

    roadmap describes the long-term roadmap based on Theme, the highest level of the Product Backlog hierarchy. • The theme describes a high-level objective the development team aims to achieve over time. • It is one of the best ways to manage scope, as the Product Backlog is a single artifact source.