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10x More Effective Sprint Planning for Agile Team's Performance

April 14, 2023

10x More Effective Sprint Planning for Agile Team's Performance

This presentation slide explains how you can have 10x more effective Sprint Planning for the Agile team. Sprint Planning is one of the most important and challenging meetings in Agile since the development team must decide the scope of the upcoming Sprint. If you are not knowing how to have effective Sprint Planning, the slide is for you. The slide is made from the original article on Medium.


April 14, 2023

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  1. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE What is Sprint Planning? •

    Sprint Planning is one of the official meetings in Agile, where the development team discusses what to accomplish during the upcoming Sprint. • The development team discusses Sprint Goal (Why), Sprint Backlog (What), and how will the chosen work get done. • Sprint Planning is a collaboration work of the development team under the preparation and facilitation by the Product Owner and the Scrum Master.
  2. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Why is Sprint Planning Important?

    • Sprint Planning is critical to delivering value to customers by enhancing commitment and focus in the team. • It is a common issue in software development that the development team works on too many tasks simultaneously and ends up with no or less delivery at the end. • Multitasking reduces productivity, so Sprint Planning prevents it by deciding what to focus on.
  3. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Elements for 10x Effective Sprint

    Planning • Preparation by the Product Owner • Facilitation by Scrum Master
  4. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Facilitation by the Scrum Master

    The Scrum Master • explains objectives and agenda of Sprint Planning. • stays in a neutral stance. • listens carefully what participants say. • asks powerful questions to encourage participation and let participants find insights by themselves. • makes an effort to make a safe environment so that the development team feel safe and challenge something new.
  5. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Duration & Timing of Sprint

    Planning • Sprint Planning is timeboxed to a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint. However, shorter meetings are preferable, as excessively long meetings can reduce productivity and increase stress for participants. • Morning between 9:00 am - 12:00 pm is the best timing because human performance is at its peak. • On the other hand, early afternoon, between 1:00 - 4:00 pm, should be avoided because human performance declines.
  6. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Other tips • Duration and

    timing • Avoid perfectionism • Definition of Done
  7. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Avoid Perfectionism • Some people

    hesitate to throw estimation and determine Sprint Backlog because they fear making mistakes. • People need to recognize mistakes and failures are necessary to grow. The Scrum Master makes a safe environment for people to take risks and challenges. • The agile team will grow as Sprint goes. Sprint is a learning opportunity.
  8. ASIA EDGE TECHNOLOGY. PTD. LTE Definition of Done • Prior

    to Sprint Planning, the development team should define the Definition of Done, which clarifies what completion means in the project. • The Definition of Done is also important to estimate and discuss how the Sprint Backlog should be done. • It prevents underestimation and ensures the quality of work.