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IBM at the Elastic{ON} 2017 Opening Keynote

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March 07, 2017

IBM at the Elastic{ON} 2017 Opening Keynote

Ruchir Puri l IBM Fellow & Chief Architect, Watson l IBM


Elastic Co

March 07, 2017


  1. Engineering the Future of AI IBM Watson IBM Fellow; Chief

    Architect, Watson RUCHIR PURI
  2. Watson is available as a set of services delivered as

    APIs in the Cloud Watson cognitive services are grouped into four categories: Foundationa l Cognitive Skills Language Speech Vision Empathy
  3. Watson is available as a set of services delivered as

    APIs in the Cloud Watson cognitive services are grouped into four categories: Knowledge Discovery
 Watson Discovery Service w/ Watson Knowledge Studio Higher Reasoning Skills
 Watson Conversation Service Knowledge Organization Skills
  4. 4 Watson for Exploration & Discovery

  5. 5 The world is swimming in data

  6. 6 Nearly everything we do generates or consumes data

  7. 7 We’re accumulating more data than ever before

  8. 8 Yet the vast majority of data is locked away

    in silos
  9. 9 Worse yet, most data is unintelligible to traditional BI

    systems. It is unstructured.
  10. 10 Watson sifts through massive amounts of data

  11. Those who can draw insights from their data can gain

    valuable competitive advantage
  12. Enabling you to explore and discover

  13. Watson Discovery Service A powerful set of APIs built to

    help developers find value in your data, fast.
  14. Apply cognitive enrichments to your data and extract insights using

    a powerful and flexible query language in real time Automated Data Ingestion Automate ingestion using the APIs, web upload, or data crawler, and feed through Document Conversion to deal with multiple files types. Integrated Enrichment Rapidly setup advanced Natural Language Processing steps and custom models to extract entities, relations, keywords, sentiment, etc. Diverse Content Sources Create one-of-a-kind applications that leverage data from the pre-enriched news sources and private content from across the enterprise. Simplified Query Language Perform multiple query types including Boolean, filter, and aggregation queries to discover patterns, trends, and answers.
  15. Discovery Service lets you build an automated data pipeline once,

    and then add it to existing solutions The Automated Data Pipeline
  16. Watson Discovery Enriches Your Documents with Natural Language Understanding

  17. Watson Discovery Indexes Your Data, Making It Searchable

  18. Watson Discovery gives developers the fastest path to build cognitive

    apps that extract value from structured and unstructured data.
  19. Watson Discovery Provides Easy-to-use Content Analytics and Identify Correlations and

    Causal Factors Enabling You to Answer Critical Business Questions and derive insights.