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The Guardian Making Journalism Better with Elasticsearch

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November 03, 2015

The Guardian Making Journalism Better with Elasticsearch

The Guardian extensively uses Elasticsearch to enable the delivery of a better experience of journalism to its readers. In this talk, Graham talks though three key projects that rely heavily on Elasticsearch: Content API, which forms the underpinning of our ability to deliver digital journalism to readers; Ophan, a real-time analytics system that gives insight to editors and journalists as to how readers are finding and engaging with our journalism; and The Grid, enabling us to rapidly find great photography to accompany our journalism.

Graham Tackley | Elastic{ON} Tour | London


Elastic Co

November 03, 2015

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  1. Graham  Tackley  ▪  @tackers   Director  of  Data  Technology  

    Guardian  News  and  Media   1 Making  Journalism  Better  with   Elasticsearch
  2. “created in 1936 ... to secure the financial and editorial

    independence of the Guardian in perpetuity”
  3. None
  4. content api Content API https://github.com/guardian/frontend

  5. our in-house real-time traffic tool

  6. None
  7. Javascript in browser Kinesis Tracker hidden pixel The Slab Kinesis

    Dashboard S3 
 (avro files) elasticsearch
  8. the grid

  9. None
  10. the grid ingestion elasticsearch extract
 metadata the grid crop https://github.com/guardian/grid

  11. summary

  12. thank you graham tackley ▪ @tackers director of data technology

    guardian news and media we’re hiring developers.theguardian.com