What’s X-citing in X-Pack?

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March 08, 2017

What’s X-citing in X-Pack?

Don’t know what X-Pack is?

X-Pack is a single extension lets you add security (formerly Shield), alerting (via Watcher), monitoring (formerly Marvel), reporting, and Graph functionality across the entire Elastic Stack.

Not only have the capabilities of X-Pack expanded in the past year, but so has its usability, from a better getting started experience to the introduction of several UI features. Needless to say, exciting things are afoot, and the engineers behind X-Pack look forward to sharing what they’re working on with you.

Chris Earle l Monitoring Lead l Elastic
Mark Harwood l Software Engineer l Elastic
Shaunak Kashyap l Software Engineer l Elastic
Brandon Kobel l Sr. Javascript Engineer l Elastic
Jay Modi l Security Engineer l Elastic
Alexander Reelsen l Software Engineer l Elastic


Elastic Co

March 08, 2017