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Learn to Love your Logs with Elasticsearch ELK

Learn to Love your Logs with Elasticsearch ELK

Given at OSDC 2014 in Berlin, this talk covers the wonderful world of ELK - Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

The coverage starts with talking about how the projects are open source and friendly, then introduces each project with features/purposes, and closes with use cases and demos (demos are missing because they were live.)

Elasticsearch Inc

April 09, 2014

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  1. ELK! find happiness in your logs with Elasticsearch ELK

  2. Open Source

  3. Apache 2.0 License Open Source

  4. Open and Friendly Community Open Source

  5. If a new user has a bad time, it’s a

    bug. Open Source
  6. Technology

  7. Logstash

  8. Processing & Transport Logstash

  9. Logstash Filters Inputs Outputs 42 51 54 Processing & Transport

  10. Logstash Processing & Transport An Example Apache Mysql PHP Syslog

    Nagios Elasticsearch Graphite IRC Parse: Latency, Bandwidth, and Errors Netflow
  11. Logstash Example Inputs Files Graphite SNMP Email Syslog Netflow TCP

  12. Logstash Example Filters Grok Date Fingerprint GeoIP Multiline User Agent

  13. Logstash Example Outputs Elasticsearch Graphite XMPP Nagios Email Pagerduty S3

  14. Elasticsearch

  15. Near Real-Time Search & Analysis Elasticsearch

  16. Scalable Elasticsearch

  17. REST + JSON API Elasticsearch

  18. Kibana

  19. Visualization & Exploration Kibana

  20. None
  21. Use Cases

  22. Share Logs with Your Tech Support Team Use Cases

  23. Graph all things! Use Cases

  24. Exploration by Non- Technical Users Use Cases

  25. Troubleshooting Latency ? Latency Time X

  26. Movie Releases Demo Use Cases

  27. Apache Logs Demo Use Cases