Unicorns are made, not born

F8c11ed34857ab2344451d22107d6686?s=47 Elea Chang
September 16, 2015

Unicorns are made, not born

Talk given at Refresh Portland.


Over the years, the internet has had many a debate over unicorns, aka designers that code. In what capacity do they exist? Should more people try to become unicorns? What does it take to be a designer/developer?

Despite what the descriptor might imply, being a unicorn isn’t magic – it’s work. Whether you’re starting a career in design, already designing and coding all the time, or hiring, you’ll have to make decisions about what to prioritize. So rather than perpetuating unicorn myths, let’s talk about what it’s like to jump between two disciplines and what makes one designer better than another.


Elea Chang

September 16, 2015